340/365 And then it rained and I ran

There is an interesting quote by one of my favorite poets ‘Charles Buckowski’ and it goes like this. ‘People run from rain but sit in bathtubs full of water’. I read this again a day back and it has been in my mind ever since and I had to write.

It is water but one is not our decision. We like to be in control and it is annoying when something happens to us when we are unprepared. When we are not ready. 

But even life comes at us during unprepared times. We don’t like it. And most times we overcome it. But then we forget about it. No, sometimes we plan for that eventuality occuring again. We do it with so much pain and effort. And nothing happens. It was that one time anything like that will happen to us. 

There is another factor. Sometimes things don’t happen or it happens and we don’t notice, because we are prepared. Yes, like we don’t know about all the terror attacks that did not happen. We don’t know of all the accidents that did not happen because we or someone else was careful. 

Now, I am just ranting. Well it rained and I ran. got home and went into the shower. I am in control. I had a choice. I have privilege. Then I look at the rain from inside through the window. I make an instagram reel and I post it online and sit staring at the screen for likes to come my way.

Yes it rained and I ran…..

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