343/365 And I test positive for Covid

I had not contracted Covid since it came. Or at least that is what I believe. I have not had any symptoms, nor did I have to test. But finally the day came. On Monday I woke up with a Stuffy nose and watery eyes. I have my allergies and I thought this was the same. I took a claritin, but decided to work from home.

I know that the Alameda County in SF bay area where we live has seen Covid cases surge and we also have a mask mandate since two weeks. So I thought it would be good to test. We had kits that we got from the county and school and office. None of which we had used.

My daughter read the instructions and we tested. It was positive. I immediately moved to my room. My wife is traveling and so we pinged her and asked her to test. She had left Monday morning. The kids tested and came negative.

Next kids went ahead and disinfected the house. Lucky that we have a small house. It is easy to both disinfect and clean. But tougher to stay apart unless you are locked in a room and that is what I did.

I have a Video consultation with my physician this week. Just to make sure nothing else need to be done. I informed my office. I Told my manager and as per the protocol I will be working from office till I become negative.

There is a question that comes to mind. How did I get contracted. Why and how it happened now. I have some thoughts and will share it in tomorrow’s post

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