344/365 How did I contract Covid?

I think this is the first time I contracted Covid. At least that is what I believe. I have not tested before as did not have any symptoms. I have had allergy and that could have been covid, but who knows.

Since we all became aware of Covid and the lock down and everything that followed why did I contract now is a question that I was playing around with. I live in San Francisco Bay Area and work in the Tech industry. So I live in a place where people can work from home. and yet the place has seen a surge in the new variant. Why is that.

Let me talk of my experience. I work from office and two weeks back my county, the Alameda county reinstated the Mask Mandate for indoors and I started wearing the mask to work. But I could feel that I was doing it because of the mandate and not for myself.

And outside work I did not have any guard. I went to the beach, events, concerts where no one was masked. I did not Mask and did not bother to see who masked or not. There was no guard.

I take my Covid Positive at this stage as a reminder that it is not all gone. It is still there. We need to be careful and we need to do it for us and others. Not because it is a mandate. Well at least I hope I can take the necessary precautions in the coming days.

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