345/365 Some Quarantine Thoughts

I have been in Quarantine at home since Monday last week. A little over a week and I tested positive again on Sunday Probably will test in a few days. Don’t have a lot of symptoms and just some throat infection. Not even any major cough.

I did not write last few days not because I was unwell. I just did not feel like. Not sure if that is a Covid Symptom. Anyway today I thought I will just pen a few things about Quarantine.

I have heard people talk and write about their experiences while in quarantine. My main discomfort is that I cannot do my own things. Kida have been taking care of me well. Coffee, food etc… We have been door dashing mostly. I miss home made food. I am fed up of having to eat from hotels. That is another major Quarantine problem I have.

I am hoping to be negative this week. And then I have a whole set of stuff I need to cook and eat.

The first few days I missed my walks. Then I started waking up morning before there are people on the streets and walk with a mask on. That has felt good. Had my Video Visit with my doctor just to calculate my risk factors.

All my signs are under control. The only risks to point is that I used to be a smoker for a long time till a few years ago. Happy that I am out of that habit now. Anyway this Quarantine helped me spend a lot of time just to myself and reevaluate and reset quite a bit of my life.

Hoping to recover soon.

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