350/365 Building Teams are not easy

Building a Team is not just putting a few people together. It is like a well choreographed dance. But the choreography is not forced by someone external but evolved from the realities of trying to be a team.

The duality of being a team and being an individual within the team need not always be complementary and there can be conflicts.

This is where team goals come in. If a team achieves a goal in a certain time and one team member was not able to contribute to it for any reason, he or she is still part of that achievement. That is a team.

To participate in success without personal guilt and to be included into a success without judgement. Teams evolve and that is why it is such an important factor for organizations.

There is no one size fits all.. It is not one Team builder who will make magic happen. Everyone need to evolve to be a Team Builder who will learn, unlearn, think, think again, help, plan, participate, retrospect, correct, improve and so many more things to move things together and not in silos.

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