351/365 Intolerance makes us weak

Am I intolerant? is a question I have asked myself a few times. On different contexts I have gotten different answers. There are times when I am very tolerant. Much more than what I would think is healthy. And on other times I would find myself so intolerant and yet not change. I have been trying to find that one reason I could talk against being intolerant. What can I say to myself and others so we have a more tolerant world.

Intolerance makes us weak, Yes that is what I say to myself now. I also tell that to people. Have that made me more tolerant, It is too early to say that because I just started saying this a few days back.

It does not matter if we are individuals or groups affiliated to a cause or religion or idea. We all carry the risk of being weak if we become intolerant. We become weak both individually and collectively.

Another aspect that I realize is that we will also be easily manipulated and controlled if we are intolerant. Anyone can take us for a ride. Make us pawns in their own vicious world agendas. We become driven by someone else.

There is one more thing that happens. It gives us a narrow outlook of the world. Which in turns makes us more intolerant. It stops us from learning new things. It stops us from expanding our horizon. It makes us stop unlearning what we have unknowingly learned from our surroundings.

Intolerance makes us weak and being tolerant is the only way to be free and strong

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