353/365 Is there more intolerance today ?

I sometimes get the feeling that we are living in a world that is getting more intolerant. Especially if we are using Social Media and partaking in heated debates. I recently had one such ongoing back and forth and then I sat back to think about it. And here is what I found.

I don’t think it has become more intolerant. But Intolerance has just become very vocal. This intolerance existed before also but either it was dormant or did not have the avenues to be loud.

This also comes to the point that there are so many tolerant people out there. Maybe they are not vocal. Or how do you be vocal about tolerance? Intolerance by nature is loud and tolerance is subtle and quiet. 

I am really thinking how we can promote and make tolerance loud. Recently when I was in this back and forth, I realized that most of the people who were intolerant are the same people putting on multiple comments. You will feel it is many people but it is the same people making many appearances.

This is just the same phenomenon where one act of violence is pushed to you from different sources and multiple times that by the end of the day you feel there is so much violence around. The non violent voices are hushed and we need extra effort to find them.

So maybe the world is not that intolerant, it is just what we are seeing. I hope that is the truth.

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