355/365 The Questions Project on Instagram

This Project only has 10 more posts and we will complete 365 posts in a little over 365 days. And I am stepping into another project. That project will be on Instagram and Not on the blog. I am calling it the Questions Project.

We are running after the right answers and fail to ask enough questions. I want to dedicate one short video to questions. One question and some thoughts in under 1 minute. 

The Videos will be done in Black and white and I have a reason for it. Questions are often Black and White and people expect the answers to also be Black and White. But we live in a very complex world and as a result of this answers are often grey.

We all need certainty and find it difficult to embrace Grey shades. So welcome all to my world of Questions. And Thanks a lot for supporting me in this project.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/penpositive/

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