InDriveView – The Interview On The Drive

InDriveView is a PenPositive Project where we meet people who have stories to tell. We go on a drive and have a conversation with them about life, passion, work, family, world, people, interests and more. Capturing the Conversation as candid as possible.

Yes two people driving through the heart of the silicon valley and speaking and getting to know life better. InDriveView is the Interview On The Drive.

InDriveView is a Content Project that we undertake to let the world know of people who walk amidst us but have amazing stories to tell.

It is also about the people who we might know, but never knew the multifaceted creative passionate personalities that reside in them.

It is also about you and me who all live unique lives making a space for our existence in this world. It is about everyone. It is about Life.

You can watch the InDriveViews on YouTube

And here are a few

If you know of someone who you think you would like to see on InDriveView do Contact Us.

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