It is always the PEOPLE who build Products and drive Profits

People make companies and are the most integral part of any organization. By People, I don’t just mean employees. I mean people at all levels; People within the organization, People who make your Customers, People working with your Vendor companies, People committed to your competition; Everyone who in anyway connect with the organization…

It is a big ecosystem where people interact with people to build, run and service products and solutions for a company and drive profits. It all about the People.

People have a role in making the corporation breathe, walk and run. Any organization that misses on the People Factor will at some time soon see things crumbling down. Not that a bad product or poor customer service cannot do it, just that corporates that miss the people factor can very easily predict the result of it.

The question is how can companies recognize people. How can companies be people centric. And again it is about people at all levels and not just employees. I think it is not just about recognition, it starts with respect. Any person associated with your company can leave any time and so it is important for you to find why they are sticking with you.

I am sure you have felt a vacuum when people leave, Be it employees, consultants, customer reps, vendor reps and so on.

Here at the PenPositive Blog I will share my thoughts on how I see people fire up the organization’s heart and ‘hows and whys’ of the organization hearing the heart beat of it’s people.

As a corporation; you should be able to convey to your people the value they can bring to the table and give them the utmost clarity on how they can add to that value and then you should let them ask the Compensation. People in majority are reasonable. People who can call out their worth can be very valuable to you than those who cannot make up their mind. Start with the Value and job description that you can define and leave the Compensation to them.

An underpaid (or feel underpaid)  resource who is delivering high value to the organization will never stick on if not recognized. And it would be unfair to ask for that.

Establish that partnership and nurture that culture of partnership because collaborations can do wonders internally and externally for an organization.

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