About Us

It all started as a Life and Career Blog a few years ago with a simple slogan

The power of the pen is not in the color of the ink it spills; but the power of the word it spells

The initial goal was to use the power of the pen and the power of the word to deliver some positive outcome. Over time the conversations and observations put forth was developed further to deliver a set of very specialized consulting and coaching engagements surrounding agile thinking.

PenPositive is now in the business of ‘being agile and meaningful’ in work and life.  Our passion for the agile principles, our pragmatic approach to problem solving and a deep conviction that ‘agile’ works in both work and life has made us realize that promoting agile among individuals and companies is a very meaningful pursuit. On top of that we are also poets and content creators so we do intersect with creativity quite often.

Here is what we have to offer –

  1. Agile Consulting for companies where we blend hands on work as well as Coaching to help companies in their agile journey.
  2. Agile Coaching aimed at individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in agile. The current focus is on building good Scrum masters by bridging the gap between certification and execution.
  3. Agile Workshops that help us bring the principles of agile into work and life in many unique ways.
    • Minimal Agile Workshop that uses concepts of agile and minimalistic thinking to help professionals enjoy work rather than endure it.
    • Remote Scrumming workshop that train professionals to effectively do scrum in a remote environment.
    • Agile Teen workshop to coach/Teach teenagers the principles of agile through the art of writing and publishing a book
    • Agile Poetry Workshops that use Poetry as a Team building exercise in agile teams

Contact us to know more about what we do and how we can collaborate.





Welcome to PenPositive and let us together learn, build, reflect and grow.

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