The Art of Remote Scrumming

When agile Scrum came into existence, teams were more or less colocated. But over the past decade and more we have been a distributed workforce. When you take your bag and leave your office there is someone in your team getting into their office to start their day at work. Over years what this has resulted (both for agile and non-agile workers) is long workdays and feeling of never ending work that is carried to the bedrooms and dining tables.

As agile practitioners and product owners and Scrum Masters we know that having the team colocated is not practical anymore and we should find innovative ways to scrum remotely. Distributed workforce can make communication and collaborations (which are key to proper Scrum working) a challenge. This is where Remote Scrumming gains significance. If you really want to succeed in the global market, you also need to be able to be a Scrum professional within remote teams. You need a new set of values and working models that makes you efficient and not by spending 18 hour workdays.

Remote Scrumming is a practical Agile Scrum Workshop that will bridge the gap between certification and implementation.

Scrum Certifications are easy because the framework is very easy to understand. But implementation is not easy as the Framework is difficult to master. add the remote factor to it and it gets more difficult. To master the Scrum framework you need to be in the trenches implementing it.

Most workshops in the market are for 2 to 4 days with an intense focus on certification, but in the remote Scrumming Workshop we do something different. This workshop is not just a full fledged agile Scrum workshop, that takes you through the framework and its various facets, but it goes a bit beyond that.

The Remote Scrumming Workshop, apart from the Scrum Training will take you through two full sprint cycles over a 4 week period with me as your coach and Scrum Master working with you remotely. With daily stand ups and all the other Scrum cadence built in, it will give you a real life exposure rather than crash course.

There will be special focus on how you can be effective in a remote and distributed team set up. This becomes key if you are pursuing careers in global organizations across the world.

It does not just end there. We will also take a deep look at agile Scrum beyond the software industry and take the framework and its underlying philosophy and see how you can practice in other areas of work and life.

Over several years Scrum has been widely accepted and extended beyond just the software arena. Don’t be surprised as you see it working in your Career search, networking, marketing, pursuit of a passion or helping in your learning goals.

This workshop is not the end of a learning, but the beginning of a journey. Our aim is to equip you to start on an ongoing learning process to better the craft of Scrumming.

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