Start Small – Unlock Your Passion and Make it Happen

‘Start Small’ is what we usually say to people who never start. It is also the best way to get started. An Idea, an interest, a passion; everything needs a start. And if we are bothered about taking it till the end, then we will never see the end if we don’t start. Can we? So let’s start small.

Some people pursue their passion more than others even though they have the same 24 hours in a day. It is true that we all do not have the same kind of thinking and our situations and opportunities are not necessarily the same. But that is not reason to put our passion in the back burner.

What we need is to fast track our passion through a goal based plan that we can manage on ourself.

Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. It is about embracing that inner self that is unsettled when a desire pokes us from inside, it might be music, it could be entrepreneurship, art, movies, creative writing, traveling anything that creates a deep desire in us. The pursuit of which makes you happy. It is about the pursuit and not necessarily the final culmination.

How do we put a passion into practice?
Passion is in no way different from anything else that you put into practice. If we want a degree or a certification you need to prepare for it. we need a plan of action, a set of actionable goals, a way to monitor the progress, an interest in learning. And then we need the courage to embark on it, a commitment to make it happen and an attitude to enjoy the Journey more than the destination. Passion is the same, it does not move a needle without us doing something.

If we ask; some would say they have no passion. While some will say they have way too many and some just turn blank because they have never thought about it. More than not having one it is the lack of effort in discover one. And for those who have more than one passion, it is about narrowing down and picking on one or two and acting on it.

Make a list of everything that you love and next to it write everything you think you are good at and try to equate them; See where you need to focus your efforts on. Take it from there. Build an actionable plan to take your passion forward. Discuss with someone and unlock it and put it to work

Life is too short to not act on what we are passionate about. Start Small; But Start NOW

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